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A study was made of the Indian war in Maine, which started in the late summer of 1675 and continued until the spring of 1678. The causes and consequences of the war are presented as they relate to the situation on the Northern colonial frontier (Maine), and as they contrast to the war and social situation in southern New England.

The two major campaigns of the war in Maine are examined in detail. Three political questions are discussed as related to the war: (1) the legal control of Maine (2) the support of the war effort by the United Colonies of New England; and (3) the pacification effort of Massachusetts and New York to subdue the Maine Indians.

The historiographical significance of the thesis is that it completes the story of King Philip's War started in the doctoral dissertation of Douglas E. Leach at Harvard University. It is also a preliminary inquiry into the issue of French involvement in New England affairs, prior to King William's War, an issue not discussed by Leach.

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