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Margo Lukens


This project allowed me to pursue one of nly greatest joys, expressing my feelings, emotions, and thoughts through the written word. As we march towards a world dominated by technology, there are those that think the day of the storyteller has passed. Television, movies, and electronic games have become the vehicle for amusement in the world today, supposedly leaving no room left for the lowly storyteller. However, these entities are stories told but in a different medium. The ideas that drive these devices still have to come from someone, an author. Even video games now are intertwined with the storyteller, "Laura Crow was a video heroine before she was a movie idol. So, as you can see, the role of the storyteller hasn't &minished, just the vehicle for delivery has gone through a metamorphosis. The story is still a collection of the author's thoughts, feelings and emotions; this hasn't, nor will it ever change. I have chosen the conventional, if antiquated, method of type and paper to express this voice.