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This document expounds a brief history of Western musical art, from the mid-nineteenth century to the beginning of the twenty first, which traces the complete transformation of its expressive means and materials. Examined are the changes to Western music’s basic materials such as pitch system, timbral palette and formal architecture. We observe as these aspects are dismantled, supplanted by a dramatically expanded sonic palette and subsequently expanded ranges of expression and topical consideration. This brief historiography contextualizes my current working theories and methods for the construction and understanding of electroacoustic music, centered around the idea of The Field, which frames my work and my views of others’ works. But more importantly, The Field is an attempt to move the model for work away from human rationality and place it in an aspect of the world. Next, a chronological survey a selection of recent work will elucidate a shift in my own expressive materials and media. This is followed by the relating of the genesis and context of my thesis work, field: alarum, implication (v.2), situating it in The Field and in the body of work. Ultimately, this paper exemplifies my striving to understand and contextualize my practice and to deepen and focus my practical, theoretical and critical engagement with it.

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