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Summer 8-18-2017

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Open-Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)


Food Science and Human Nutrition


Adrienne White

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Susan Sullivan

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Angela Myracle

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Kate Yerxa


The iCook 4-H Dissemination Study, conducted in five states, was a control-treatment design to test whether a newly developed program for obesity prevention for youth could be successfully implemented by community leaders with minimal researcher involvement. Community leaders were primarily Cooperative Extension educators. A dyad model was used for youth (control=9.6±0.9 years of age; treatment=9.9±0.6 years of age) and their adult main food preparers (control=38.8±5.7 years of age; treatment=39.4±7.8 years of age). A three-pronged approach to evaluation developed previously for the program was used to measure outcomes, process, and fidelity of the program. The control group, youth (n=63) and adults (n=71), and treatment group youth (n=76) and adults (n=75) completed pre- and post-program surveys. Treatment dyads completed the intervention, eight bi-weekly sessions on program focal areas of cooking, eating, and playing together. Treatment youth significantly increased outcome subscales of cooking skills (P