Date of Award

Spring 5-14-2016

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Campus-Only Thesis



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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Interdisciplinary Program


Kirsten Jacobson

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Steven Evans

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Michael Lang

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Nathan Stormer

Justin Wolff


The philosophy of Martin Heidegger provides an opportunity to think outside the strictures of what he termed "metaphysical" thinking that has dominated Western thought since the inception of subject/object rationalism and has come to full fruition in the thinking inherent in modern capitalist technology. Through this thinking, and the manifestation of being it is based upon, the human has been reduced to a mere resource, alongside the other "supplies" of nature. This dissertation attempts to think with Heidegger the ramifications of his thought by constructing a non-linear, interdisciplinary practice of philosophy that is not subsumed under the technological/mathematical, but works with considerations of art and poetry as sources of thought. In this way, the dissertation is not only the opening of the question of humans being a resource, but a chronicle of a practice in response to the question itself. This is not an "answer," but a way of being that only further seeks to open questioning.