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This investigation centers around the identification and location of the various woody plants on the University of Maine campus. The trees and shrubs having special interest to a horticulturist are given the greater emphasis, but plants other than these have been included so as to make the study useful to any person having an interest in woody plant material. Included in the listing are 425 species and varieties of woody plants, which are represented by 134- genera, and 49 families.

The campus has a good representation of woody plants which would be useful to the trained horticulturist, botanist, forester, or even to an individual having had no formal training and only an interest in a few plants The plants are listed in the text by both the scientific and common names, and the nomenclature is based upon that used by Standardized Plant Names, Second Edition Planting plans and written statements of locations are included to assist in the identification and location of the particular specimens Sixty-three (63) individual plans have been bound with the text Sixty-two (62) of these are planting plans of particular areas which generally center around a building unit The other plan is a general layout of the entire campus , and was prepared for the purpose of orientation.

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