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Since the arrival of settlers in French Bay, Acadia has aroused the interest of writers. Thus Marc Lescarbot, lawyer and poet, already published in 1609 a tale of his adventures in America.

Starting at this time and especially since the dispersion of 1755 a growing interest appeared for the history of these peoples who have known a tormented life. Historians of different nationalities became interested in Acadian facts. Several anglophile authors, especially in the 19th century tried to exonerate the ones responsible for the dispersion of the Acadians. The francophile historians, upset by what they considered as a sprain to the historical truths, answered with passion to their english Sirades.

Most of the recent historians have abandoned the emotional tone of their predecessors and settled to the task of attempting do clear exactly the sense of the Acadian experience.

Acadie geographically, politically and strategically has been a crossroad and in that situation has felt the contradictory influences of policies which were contrary to the interests of the population.

It is now agreed that all tries to explain the Acadian colonial past must recognize the presence and proximity of Massachusetts.

To date, most of the works relating on the relations between Massachusetts and Acadia have stressed the strength of the political, commercial and military fields. Still, one of these works has been to consider the Acadians through the administration conceptions of Acadia.

The present work and researchers wishes to present the other side between the two colonies. It means the Acadian interpretation of their existence on American land. Their actions must be studied so one can understand the complexities and the degree of organization quite advanced to which they had arrived. Thus, it will be possible to see the relations between the two colonies as a process of adaptation and changes.

The study of a segment of the Acadian population, that of the shopkeepers-entrepreneurs is one in case. The frequency and continuity of commercial rapports going on with Massachusetts permit to understand the motifs and the objectives looked for.

The principal objectives of the Acadian traders accommodation with those of Massachusetts to continue their commercial operations and maintain the role of intermediaries which they held between the two colonial populations.

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