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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mechanical Engineering


Mohsen Shahinpoor

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Krishna Bhatta

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Ali Khavari


Urology is one of the major fields in medicine which deals with urinary system diseases from a wide range of etiologies. The urinary system is very mechanical and the biomechanical study of this system is necessary for diagnosis of the related diseases, designing appropriate functional implants and catheters, developing artificial bladder, designing efficient procedures such as smart bladder irrigation among other problems. Despite the advancements in different parts, some of the solutions and procedures used in the treatment of urinary system problems are still invasive, expensive, and sometimes ineffective.

The present doctoral research and development is dedicated to user-friendly solutions to incontinence control and efficient bladder irrigation. First the urinary system anatomy, related diseases and treatments are discussed. In chapter 2 a noninvasive device for temporary control of incontinence is presented. Chapter 3 focuses on a surgical treatment of the incontinence in men with a magnetic artificial sphincter which could greatly improve the permanent method for the incontinence control.

In chapter 4 the biomechanics of bladder irrigation is developed and its clinical implications are presented. Chapter 5 and 6 investigate the different properties of urinary catheters such as capacity and loss coefficient. Finally in chapter 7 a system for smart bladder irrigation is designed and experimentally tested.