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It’s No Game is a collection of fiction. These seven stories have their genesis in the different sections of the newspaper; these are the ground level stories: the stories heard before and after hours in a parking garage, a bathroom stall, on a boardwalk, etc. Twin brothers from beyond the grave narrate one of their friends’ greatest achievements. Four women intersect in a Dietetic Outpatient Office at the nexus of a strange, fantastic medical technology. A middle-aged man gets to live out the fantasies of his film action heroes. A writer tries to forget while working for a company whose business is that you never forget. A spy novelist laments the death of an old friend, rival, and ex lover, all while being haunted by a pseudonym of hers. A brother with a new outlook on life tries to help his sister feel better about her job, by enlisting the help of a friend with a skeleton in his closet. The father of two recently deceased boys speaks to the ghost of his wife as he makes his way to an island, in hopes of finding a bathtub that will give him back what he has lost.