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Master of Arts (MA)


Liberal Studies


Owen Smith

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Alan Stubbs

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Mike Scott


The review of current issues and problems facing New Media faculty, working through multiple case studies of faculty use of technology and culminating in the design and installation of a Computing Classroom at the University of Maine campus. The program was designed in such a manner to help enhance leadership and management skills while analyzing individual faculty use of technology through various categories of media (i.e. Film/DV, Photo, Fine Art etc.). Review was conducted of three different faculty members use of technological resources through active participation in their courses. These reviews were conducted as "Case Studies" in the use of technology in the classroom. As a result, individualized recommendations and solutions were developed on an ongoing basis during participation and as outcomes for each course. In addition to the solutions developed through the case studies the final thesis project culminated in a two part project which included the planning, design, and installation of a new computing classroom in 311 Lord Hall.