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Master of Science (MS)


Resource Economics and Policy


Mario Teisl

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Gary Hunt

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Jonathan Rubin


This thesis consists of two parts, the first of which examines a demand-side aspect of the emerging biofuels market by estimating New England residents' willingness-to-pay for cellulosic ethanol as a fuel source. Survey results of a conjoint analysis scenario point to positive, though modest, levels of willingness-to-pay among New England residents. The second study attempts to quantify the cost of externalities associated with the generation of hydroelectric power in the Canadian province of Quebec by consolidating available literature on the subject, as well as original calculation in the absence of available literature. The results of this second study indicate that emissions impacts, while relatively low, are not currently accounted for in the price of electricity in the region, and in doing so, this study points to areas in need of further study in order to better reflect the true costs of electricity generation.