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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)




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Randy Regier


Graffiti can be seen all around us, but can an individual who is not familiar with graffiti tell the difference between graffiti art and vandalism? Graffiti has many interpretations, which can be seen as a simple written marking on a desk to a painting on a wall to the advertisement on a billboard. Through the graffiti project the objective of The Spot is to create an outlet for painters and graffiti artists to express their creative ideas in a safe location and contributing to beautifying a community while educating kids about art and graffiti. Thus creating a positive outlook on graffiti and its affect within a community. For the graffiti project, The Spot is a four-panel wood board wall stretching out to sixteen feet wide that will contain a mural piece created by an artist. When the artist is approaching the wall the artists' vision begins to come to life as they lay the first coat of paint down. Letting the artist to create a graffiti piece that will best fit the surrounding environment of the wall. The location of The Spot will determine which kind of piece will be painted on the wall. The Spot will show that graffiti can be perceived as a beautification for the area and allowing the audience to show graffiti as the art form that it should be known as. Throughout the thesis the audience will realize that the affects of graffiti within a community can be shown in a positive way.