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Julie Dellamattera


This study attempted to discern whether personality type and marital satisfaction were related. Previous studies have determined a link between moderate similarity in spouses' personality types and higher marital satisfaction, and also some variation among sensing versus intuitive types in regards to their level of marital satisfaction. For the present study, 37 couples were administered the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Positive and Negative Quality in Marriage Scale (PANQIMS), and a demographics questionnaire. Each couples' data were placed into one of five possible personality match groups. Date were analyzed using t tests and analysis of variance. Comparisons were made among match groups and gender. Overall, couples in this study scored high in positive marital satisfaction, and low in negative marital satisfaction. Results for most comparisons revealed non-significant results among the personality match groups. Limitations of the study include small sample size and absence of self-verification of type. Further research could use representative samples to increase the generalizability of the results, and also to take into account all cognitive functions as they relate to personality type.