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Changes have impacts on education, and defining what the impacts are is necessary to help maximize the positive effects and help address ways to improve negative impacts. In a computer-based COLII-rseesp onsibilities of both students and instructor change. The students cannot passively wail for the instructor to tell them what to do next but must make active choices. The instructor must adopt a more facilitating rather than directing role. In my research I address the impact of using a computer-based software in a college algebra course. I discovered that students felt that the teacher's duties have become shared, that the computer software is co-teaching since it answers many of the student's questions through the help features, and provides feedback and grades on homework, quizzes, and tests. Students viewed their role as learner as having more responsibility in a computerized mathematics course. especially having good time management skills and being able to work independently. Students had mixed reactions to learning mathematics through the computer. 'They experienced frustration due to a lack of partial credit, but had a strong positive reaction, to various help functions on the computer. Students with good time management and independent study habits realized the greatest success in this pilot computer-based mathematics course.