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This study investigated the experiences of 17 college students whose parents divorced while they were in college. The survey explored three major areas of interest: the student's initial reaction to the divorce, the impact of the divorce on the student's relationship with their parents and family, and the impact of the divorce on the student on a personal level. Results revealed that about half of the students saw their parent's divorce corning. A few students reported that they did not see the divorce coming at that particular time; however they were not surprised to learn of it. Most of the students believed that their parents had stayed together for as long as ,they did "for the sake of the children." Many students responded that the divorce resulted in a closer relationship with their mother and a more strained relationship with their father, and that the divorce caused 'them particular difficlulty around the holidays. Many said the divorce resulted in some sort of difficulty with their own intimate relationships. Implications for further research are discussed.