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Burnout is a process that is caused by high levels of stress characterized by emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. Professionals working in the field of Early Childhood Education can be faced with the stress, exhaustion and other burnout symptoms in and out of the workplace. The Early Childhood Education workforce struggles to provide quality programming for young children amidst an average job turnover rate of 30% for Early Educators. A sample of Early Educators were surveyed in order to examine why Early Educators get burned out, how it relates to the high turnover rate in Early Childhood Education and how these issues can be prevented. The sample was assessed on their burnout level and asked about stress, how they buffer stress and their considerations for leaving their job. The results of this research is useful for Early Childhood professionals and advocates for children in order to learn that it is important to support Early Educators, keep them in the field and how their work impacts quality care and education for young children.