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Theodore Coladarci


Maine elementary schools are mandated by law to implement comprehensive, developmental counseling programs that are aligned with the Maine Learning Results. Responsibility for this implementation process rests primarily with school counselors and administrators. The purpose of this research is to provide a deeper understanding of the relationships among Maine elementary school counselors' beliefs and attitudes, perceived level of organizational support, levels of self-efficacy, and self reported levels of comprehensive program implementation. Three surveys were used: ASCA National Model District Readiness Survey, School Counselor Self-Efficacy Scale, and Comprehensive Program Implementation Questionnaire. Participants for this study included Maine certified school counselors, practicing in Maine K-5 public schools. This study was a quantitative, single-study correlation design with a multiple linear regression analysis. The results of this research place an emphasis clearly on the beliefs and attitudes of school counselors and perception of leadership support when predicting implementation levels of comprehensive school counseling programs at the elementary level in Maine. Results from this research will assist in understanding how elementary school counselors are progressing in the efforts to implement comprehensive school counseling programs. This information could be used to enhance initiatives that would help schools with the development and implementation of comprehensive school counseling programs.