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Master of Arts (MA)


Communication Sciences and Disorders


Allan B. Smith

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Amy Engler Booth

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Erika Coles


Language and hearing assessment profiles of four 12-year-old children with a history of atypical language and/or a diagnosis of auditory processing disorder (APD) were examined. Past studies using group data have suggested a higher than expected rate of comorbidity between these disorders, which may stem from similarities in the diagnostic criteria designed to identify the disorders. This thesis used a multiple case study approach to examine language and hearing in four children, each of whom presented with symptoms that would meet at least some diagnostic criteria of both APD and atypical language. In general problems with receptive language and memory were closely associated with auditory processing deficits. The findings may contribute to studies of larger groups which have suggested possible language-based problems in APD and auditory processing deficits in language.