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Master of Arts (MA)




Dave Kress


Clara an elsewhere seeks to convey to a reader the immediate and sensory rich experience of walking down Main Street in Clara, ME one fine summer morning and encountering the lives of two characters, Aaron and Katy even as their lives encounter each other. The work follows a concept in astrophysics, the elsewhere-a time and space outside of the now, past the known future and as yet unseen by the known past- and applies it to a literary context. The effect upon a reader being that he or she is not reading a story that has occurred or will occur but one that is occurring as it is read, an occurrence that was simply missed by the reader as he or she was occupied by other matters. It is my intention fully realize the story within the reader. The narrator employs rhythmic and sensory language patterns, as well as traditional narrative devices, to give a palatable sense of place, time and physical sensation. The reader becomes then a resident of Clara, ME and in compilation with the narrator, agent for the story’s life.