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Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres

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We have measured the CO2 concentration of air occluded during the last 40,000 years in the deep Siple Dome A ( hereafter Siple Dome) ice core, Antarctica. The general trend of CO2 concentration from Siple Dome ice follows the temperature inferred from the isotopic composition of the ice and is mostly in agreement with other Antarctic ice core CO2 records. CO2 rose initially at similar to 17.5 kyr B. P. ( thousand years before 1950), decreased slowly during the Antarctic Cold Reversal, rose during the Younger Dryas, fell to a local minimum at around 8 kyr B. P., and rose continuously since then. The CO2 concentration never reached steady state during the Holocene, as also found in the Taylor Dome and EPICA Dome C ( hereafter Dome C) records. During the last glacial termination, a lag of CO2 versus Siple Dome isotopic temperature is probable. The Siple Dome CO2 concentrations during the last glacial termination and in the Holocene are at certain times greater than in other Antarctic ice cores by up to 20 ppm (mumol CO2/mol air). While in situ production of CO2 is one possible cause of the sporadic elevated levels, the mechanism leading to the enrichment is not yet clear.

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Ahn, J, Wahlen, M, Deck, BL, Brook, EJ, Mayewski, PA, Taylor, KC, and White, JWC, 2004, A Record of Atmospheric Co2 During the Last 40,000 Years from the Siple Dome, Antarctica Ice Core: Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, v. 109, D13305. To view the published open abstract, go to and enter the DOI.

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