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Proceedings of the 38th Annual Eastern Snow Conference


Eastern Snow Conference

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Syracuse, New York

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Eastern Snow Conference

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Surface snows collected at various elevations in the Indian Himalayas were analyzed in the field for pH as part of a broader study of the chemistry. The pH values are lower than the predicted ≅5.6 for unpolluted precipitation. Analysis of NO3 + NO2, Cl, SO4 and NH4 indicate that these low pH values are not completely due to the presence of strong mineral acids. The strong correlation of pH with elevation (i.e. temperature) suggests that the low pH values are due to the snow being supersaturated with CO2.

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Lyons, W.B., Mayewski, P.A., & Ahmad, N. (1981). Acidity of recent Himalayan snow. In Proceedings of the 38th Annual Eastern Snow Conference. (pp. 49-56). Syracuse, NY: Eastern Snow Conference.

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