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S.C. Colbeck

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Snow Cover and Glacier Variations (Proceedings of the Balitmore Symposium)


International Association of Hydrological Sciences

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Oxfordshire, UK

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IASH Pub. No. 183

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Baltimore, Maryland

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International Association of Hydrological Sciences

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A 102.5-m mechanically continuous firn and ice core sequence retrieved from the Northwest Col of Mt. Logan (latitude 60°30'N; longitude 140°35'W; site location 5340 m a.s.l.) in the Yukon Territory, Canada, has been analyzed continuously for stable isotopes, pH and liquid electrolytic conductivity. Specific sections of the core have been analyzed for total β-activity (0-22 m) and trace ion concentrations (across major volcanic events) in order to date the core. In the lower half of the core, nitrate and some other ionic species are used to identify annual increments except between AD 1693 and AD 1720 and between AD 1729 and AD 1735 where only average annual increments are given. Annual increments were converted to water equivalents, then corrected for ice flow thinning as well as for origin, since a significant net accumulation gradient exists across the borehole site. The time series was subjected to cross correlation analysis, using instrumental data for the last 80 years, and to spectral analyses, using a 250-year sequence.

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Holdsworth, G. Krouse, H.R. Nosal, M. Spencer, M.J. Mayewski, P.A., 1989, Analysis of a 290-year net accumulation time series from Mt. Logan, Yukon. In S.C. Colbeck (Ed.), International Symposium on Snow Cover and Glacier Variations, Baltimore. IAHS Publ. No. 183, 71-79.

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