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Glacial geologic mapping conducted during the 1974-75 field season revealed that at least two glacial events have affected the upper Rennick Glacier region: an older Evans glaciation probably correlative with a major expansion of the east antarctic ice sheet, and the Rennick glaciation, which since the end of the late Wisconsin has been in a retreat phase (Mayewski, Attig, and Drewry 1979). Ice surface reconstructions suggest that (1) in the area of the current Rennick Glacier grounding line, approximately 120 kilometers inland from its current terminus, Evansice was at least 1,000 meters higher and Rennick ice as much as 600meters higher than today, and (2) the glacier's grounding line ex-tended at least 98 kilometers, and as much as 43 kilometers, farther north during the maximum stages of these glaciations,respectively (Mayewski et al. 1979). Retreat from the maximum position held by Rennick ice continues to be characterized by inland migration of the Rennick Glacier grounding line and adjustments in the size and dynamics of local alpine glaciers(Mayewski et al. 1979), plus the lowering of lake levels and changes in the size of snow patches (Mayewski and Attig 1979).

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Mayewski, P.A. (1982). Upper Rennick Glacier ice mass fluctuation study. Antarctic Journal of the United States. 17(5): 51-52.

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