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Antarctic Journal of the United States


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(From summary, pp. 105-106) In the central Transantarctic Mountains, the Sirius Formation consists of both a lower massive till and an upper assemblage of interlayered till and stratified lenses. Deposits of the Sirius Formation found in the McMurdo region contain only the lower massive till. The lower massive till of the Sirius Formation is thought to be a basal till because of extremely strong fabric, high concentration of faceted and striated pebbles, and heterogeneous particle sizes (clay to boulders). Fabrics observed in the basal till indicate that the ice that deposited the Sirius Formation, although displaying a much higher surface than the present ice, flowed in the same direction the present ice does. The broad expanse of depositional sites (Scott Glacier to the Coombs Hills) and the fabrics imply that the Sirius Formation was deposited by a continental-scale ice sheet. Moreover, to deposit a basal till the ice related to the Sirius Formation must have been not only of a continental scale but thick enough to permit basal melting.

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Mayewski, P. A. (1972). Glacial geology near McMurdo Sound and comparison with the central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctic Journal of the United States, 7(4), 103-106.

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