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Joint Standing Committee on Natural Resources, State of Maine Legislature

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Augusta, Maine

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Here in Maine, a stagnant economy, high unemployment, depleted forest resource and a shrinking manufacturing sector belie the motto “Maine, the way life should be”. Governor Baldacci, some legislators and a couple of giant corporations, however, have a sure-fire solution; develop a new growth industry for Maine from imported TRASH. They have determined that Maine can compete regionally by importing out-of-state waste, which nobody else wants, and landfilling it in large commercial dumps throughout the state. Here is the sad but true story of this despicable endeavor, which has been disguised and hidden from public view. After all, nobody wants a waste dump in their community —nobody that is except the waste disposal corporations who profit from each ton of waste landfilled in Maine from whatever source, as does our own Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) from per ton fees collected from landfilled waste.

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Waste management in Maine: The west Old Town landfill (2005) (testimony of Melvin Burke and Pamela Bell).

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