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Technology and Culture


Johns Hopkins University Press

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Baltimore, MD

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This book is about the high human cost of producing tin and other minerals. June Nash vividly describes the arduous physical labor and life of Bolivian miners in the physically inhospitable Andean mountains. More than an anthropological account of indigenous miners in far-off Bolivia, the book is a serious rendering of the contemporary social, economic, and political reality at the industrial world periphery. It is a unique blend of disciplines, paradigms, and philosophies which moves one back and forth in time and space and thought. Nash is able to tie this all together by permitting the miners to speak for themselves at great length throughout the book. This not only puts flesh on the bare bones of statistics and theory, but provides the reader with a people-to-people dialogue of the failures of foreign imperialism, national corporatism, and technology.

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Burk, M. (1980). We eat the mines and the mines eat us: dependency and exploitation in Bolivian tin mines [book review]. Technology and Culture, July, 21(3), 545-546.

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