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Maine Land Use Regulation Commission

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Augusta, ME

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Plum Creek’s “Concept Plan” is a petition requesting LURC to rezone approximately 426,000 acres in the Moosehead Lake area. According to LURC’s fact sheet, a concept plan is a landowner-created, long-range plan of the “landowner’s intent”, a flexible alternative to traditional subdivision and development plans. It is not a business plan, a project plan, or a concrete real estate development plan. Webster’s unabridged dictionary defines “concept” as a “thought”, “an idea,” a “notion”, which is precisely what Plum Creek’s concept plan is--a thought, an idea, a scheme (plan) for making, arranging or doing something, having in mind a purpose.

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Testimony of Melvin Burke Professor of Economics University of Maine, Orono, Maine, regarding ZP 707 Plum Creek petition for rezoning Moosehead Region, Maine Land Use Regulation Commission (2007) (testimony of Melvin Burke).

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