Books from 2020

Essential renewal of America's schools : a leadership guide for democratizing schools from the inside out, Carl D. Glickman and Ian M. Mette

Books from 2008

How Leaders Learn: Cultivating Capacities for School Improvement, Gordon A. Donaldson Jr.

Books from 2007

Uncovering Teacher Leadership: Essays and Voices From the Field, Richard H. Ackerman Editor and Sarah V. Mackenzie Editor

Books from 2005

Legal Issues for Maine Educators, Dianne Hoff and Marcia Diamond

Books from 2004

Professional Development Kit: Understanding and Implementing This We Believe: First Steps, John H. Lounsbury and Edward N. Brazee

Books from 2002

The Wounded Leader: How Real Leadership Emerges in Times of Crisis, Richard H. Ackerman Editor and Pat Maslin-Ostrowski

Legal Issues for Maine Educators: Omni Guide, Dianne Hoff, Marcia Diamond, and Mark Hatch