Submissions from 2022


Rethinking the Future of News Literacy Education: Results from a Mixed Methods Study, Judith Rosenbaum, Jennifer Bonnet, and R. Alan Berry

Submissions from 2021


Teaching News Literacy During a Pandemic: Adapting to the Virtual Learning Environment, R. Alan Berry, Jennifer L. Bonnet, and Judith E. Rosenbaum

Books from 2020

Twitter, the Public Sphere, and the Chaos of Online Deliberation, Gewn Bouvier Editor and Judith E. Rosenbaum Editor

Submissions from 2019


“Fake news,” misinformation, and political bias: Teaching news literacy in the 21st century, Jennifer Bonnet and Judith Rosenbaum

Submissions from 2018


Play On? Comparing Active Learning Techniques for Information Literacy Instruction in the Public Speaking Course, Jennifer Bonnet, Liliana Herakova, and Ben McAlexander

Submissions from 2017


Centering Information Literacy (as) Skills and Civic Engagement in the Basic Communication Course: An Integrated Course Library Collaboration, Liliana Herakova, Jennifer Bonnet, and Mark Congdon Jr

Constructing Digital Cultures: Tweets, Trends, Race, and Gender, Judith E. Rosenbaum

Books from 2016

Six Minutes in Berlin: Broadcast Spectacle and Rowing Gold at the Nazi Olympics, Michael J. Socolow

Books from 2015

Sign of Pathology : U.S. Medical Rhetoric on Abortion, 1800s-1960s, Nathan Stormer

Books from 2012

What Is Your One Sentence?: How To Be Heard in the Age of Short Attention Spans, Mimi Goss

Books from 2010

Transforming McLuhan: Cultural, Critical, and Postmodern Perspectives, Paul Grosswiler Editor


A Profitable Public Sphere: The Creation of the New York Times Op-Ed Page, Michael J. Socolow

Books from 2008

Freedom of Information: The News the Media Use, Shannon E. Martin

Books from 2007

Strengthening Your Facilitation Skills. Level 1 Curriculum, Jane E. Haskell, Louise Franck Cyr, and Gabe McPhail


A Wavelength for Every Network: Synchronous Broadcasting and National Radio in the United States, 1926–1932, Michael J. Socolow

Books from 2006

Engaging News Media: A Practical Guide for People of Faith, Mark Kelley

Books from 2005

The Greenwood Library of American War Reporting, Russell J. Cook Editor volume 7 and Shannon E. Martin Editor volume 7

NPR: The Trials and Triumphs of National Public Radio, Michael P. McCauley

Books from 2003

Function of Newspapers in Society: A Global Perspective, Shannon E. Martin Editor and David A. Copeland Editor