Chemical composition of fresh snow on Xixabangma peak, central Himalaya, during the summer monsoon season

Kang Shichang
Qin Dahe
Paul A. Mayewski
Sharon B. Sneed
Yao Tandong

Abstract/ Summary

The physical and chemical analyses of ice fores recovered from glaciers in the Himalaya provide some of the best records of past climate change in the region. In order to better understand the climatic and environmental records preserved in snow and ice, studies have investigated the precipitation chemistry in the high Himalaya, notably that of the northern slopes of the central Himalaya. Here we present chemistry data of fresh snow sampled from the northern slope of Xixabangma peak (28 33'N, 85 44' E), central Himalaya, during the 1997 summer. The main purpose is to expand the fresh-snow chemistry database for the high mountain regions in the Himalaya.