Submissions from 2015


Maine's Climate Future: 2015 Update, Ivan J. Fernandez, Catherine Schmitt, Esperanza Stancioff, Sean D. Birkel, Andrew Pershing, Jeffrey Runge, George L. Jacobson, and Paul A. Mayewski

Submissions from 2011


Recent increase in black carbon concentrations from a Mt. Everest ice core spanning 1860–2000 AD, S. D. Kaspari, M. Schwikowski, M. Gysel, M. G. Flanner, Kang Shichang, S. Hou, and Paul A. Mayewski

Submissions from 2009


Atmospheric soluble dust records from a Tibetan ice core: Possible climate proxies and teleconnection with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, B. Grigholm, Paul A. Mayewski, Kang Shichang, Y. Zang, S. Kaspari, Sharon B. Sneed, and Q. Zhang