Submissions from 2022


Comparing Map Learning between Touchscreen-Based Visual and Haptic Displays: A Behavioral Evaluation with Blind and Sighted Users, Hari Prasath Palani, Paul D. S. Fink, and Nicholas Giudice

Books from 2015

R and MATLAB, David E. Hiebeler

Submissions from 2011


Functional Equivalence of Spatial Images from Touch and Vision: Evidence from Spatial Updating in Blind and Sighted Individuals, Nicholas Giudice, M. R. Betty, and J. M. Loomis

Books from 2000

Temporal, Spatial, and Spatio-temporal Data Mining, First International Workshop, TSDM 2000, Lyon, France, September 12, 2000: Revised Papers, John F. Roddick Editor and Kathleen Hornsby Editor