Document Type

Grant Application

Project/Presentation Title

Franco American Week


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Project Period

FY 2000-2001

Event Location

University of Maine

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs and Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

The first annual Franco American Week will take place at the University of Maine February Z7-March 60, 2001. This week is designed to bring together on and off campus communities in order to celebrate and explore Franco American Cultures, We have a variety of speakers and performers lined up: Josée Vachon, a Franco American musician; Michael Parent, a Franco American singer, songwriter, storyteller and writer; Denis Ledoux, a Franco American writer and teacher; the Nos Histoires de l'ile, a group of local oral historians; Robert Chinard, a genealogist; and several Franco American poets and writers, We are asking the Cultural Affairs/Distinguished Lecture Series Committee to help us bring these artists to campus for our first annual Franco American Week.

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