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Grant Application

Project/Presentation Title

Philosophy Colloquium 1999-2000


Organization Officer: Professor Michael Howard


Lee Segal

Charles Beitz

Sally Haslanger

Jeff White

Richard Kahlenberg

Dennis Patterson



Project Period

FY 2001-2002

Event Location

Neville Hall

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs and Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

In 2000-01 the Philosophy Department received a grant of $1839 in partial support of our Philosophy Colloquium series, the total cost of which was estimated to be $7639. Additional funds for the series were provided by the Philosophy Department ($1800 was set aside for the Visiting Scholar), the Rezendes Ethics Fund, and the Marshall Dodge Memorial Fund, The Rezendes Ethics Fund supported the visits of Professor Richard Kahlenberg, speaking on "Afiìrmative Action by Economic Class" (l l/l/00)-attendance around 150--, and film maker Sy Rotter, who gave two talks, 'Making Sense in the Balkans," and "Stories and Issues of Moral Courage" (3/l/01). Attendance at Rotter's talks was about 50 and 100 respectively, The Dodge Fund supported the visit of religion professor and novelist Lee Siegel, who spoke on "Humor, Religion, and Philosopht'' @12-4l01)-attendance was about 100. The Philosophy Visiting Scholar, Professor Dennis Patterson was scheduled to give a talk on "Objectivþ in Law," in April, but had to cancel due to illness, There were scheduling difficulties that prevented bringing Charles Beitz or Sally Haslanger to campus in the Fall, as planned in our proposal. Instead, the grant money from Cultural Affairs/DlS was used for the honorarium, airfare, lodging, and meals for the visit of a leading Gandhi scholar, Professor Naresh Dadhich, Political Science, University of Rajasthan, India, for two talks, '?eace: The Ultimate Experience of Human Existence," and "Gandhian Nonviolence as a Means for Peace" (4125-26101). Both talks were held in the Levinson Room of the Maples, which seats about 30 people, and about 25-30 people attended each talk, All funds for lunches and "speakers" listed in the budget sunrmary were reimbursements for meals for the speakers. Some grant money was also used for posters for the entire series and for two of the events, the Dadhich lectures and a talk by Prof. JeffWhite of the UM Philosophy Department, 'lilhy Legal Practice Makes Perfect: Imagination and Knowledge by Acquaintance" (lll9l00) the latter attended by around a dozen faculty and students.



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