Document Type

Grant Application

Project/Presentation Title

Fall 2005 New Writing Series


English Department


Organization Officer: Steve Evans


Peter Culley

Fred Wah

Sianne Ngai

Judith Goldman

Hoa Nguyen

Dale Smith

Lydia Davis

Joan Retallack

Alison Bundy



Project Period

FY 2005 - 2006

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs and Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

The primary objectives of the New Writing Series are (i) to make contemporary poetry and fiction a valued part of the cultural life at the University of Maine, (ii) to broaden the University's local, national, and international reputation as a site of vibrant cultural exchange and creativity, and (iii) to cultivate links within the University as well as between the University and area secondary schools that foster imaginative approaches to thinking about contemporary literary practices. Whereas developing an audience for individual events can be difficult, a Series creates an ongoing context for the exploration of contemporary writing and signals a more serious level of commitment to the inclusion of the literary arts in the cultural repertoire of campus and community life.



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