Document Type

Grant Application

Project/Presentation Title

UMMA Exhibition of Jason Yarmosky


Jason Yarmosky


Spring 2017

Project Period

FY 2016-2017

Event Location

The University of Maine Museum of Art

Project Abstract/ Summary

The Museum of Art will feature a selection of hyper-realist oil on canvas paintings by NYC-based artist Jason Yarmosky. The exhibition, organized by UMMA, explores issues related to aging captured through large-scale, monochromatic portraits of the artist's grandparents. Yarmosky's most recent compositions deal specifically with his grandmother's diagnosis of dementia and Alzheimer's along with the physical and psychological transformation brought on by the disease. The powerful works featured at UMMA and the accompanying educational programs will inspire a vigorous dialogue related to elder and Alzheimer care. Through the voices of the featured artist, caregivers, citizens and the medical community, both in Bangor and beyond, this exhibition will provide a multi-faceted look at issues associated with aging.

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