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Grant Application


Dr. Michael Galaty


Fall 2015

Project Period

FY 2015-2016

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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Project Abstract/ Summary

The Projekti Arkeolojike i Shkodres (PASH) conducted five years of interdiciplinary, diachronic field research (2010-2014) in the Northern Albanian region of Shkoder, targeting the plain and hills that ring Shkodra Lake. The project was designed to address changes in landscape, settlement, and land use, beginning in prehistory. Intensive archaeological survey of 16 square kilometers identified 15 sites of all periods, many of them multicomponent, and 175 prehistoric burial mounds. Four mounds and three sites were targeted for test excavations, allowing the beginnings of a regional absolute chronology. A program of geological coring is helping to clarify the varying size of the lake through time and changes to regional river courses. Finally, PASH data have been combined with copious paleoenvironmental data from cores drilled in the lake by a Swiss-Italian team. PASH's preliminary results point to the key roles played by a dynamic microenvironment in driving and mediating sociopolitical change.

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