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Grant Application

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Screening of "John Imber's Left Hand


Richard Kane


Spring 2015

Project Period

FY 2015-2016

Project Abstract/ Summary

Jon Imber's Left Hand documents the life of a local artist suffering from ALS, which eventually led to his death this past year. As a review in the Boston Globe described, "Produced and directed by Richard Kane, the film is generously sprinkled with images from all the different phases of Imber's consistently impressive career. A protege of the New York painter Philip Guston, he created early work that included monumental figure paintings of great tenderness and originality; his later work became increasingly abstracted, loosely brushed, and open - influenced both by Willem de Kooning and the Maine landscape he loved, wryly but deeply. In the film, Imber himself speaks with articulate honesty and fizzing passion about his work." The Globe also noted "Painter Jon Imber's death came as a shock to those who knew him and his work. Not because it wasn't evident he was nearing the end, but because his paintings, right up until the last, were buoyant, tender, and thrumming with life."

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