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Grant Application


Department of Art


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Fy 2014-2015

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Cultural Affairs/ Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

Sculptor Mark Hanington will present his lecture, entitled, "Sculpting in the Moment: A Dialog with material and process"

Mr. Hanington's lecture will take place on the evening of October 30th at 6:00pm, in room 100, Lord Hall. Mr. Harrington will be presenting his methods and thoughts on the subject of Sculpting. On Friday October the 3l't Mr. Harrington will hold a demonstrations and conduct a work shop on "Sculpture" using wood as the primary material. The demonstrations and workshop will be held at the Fire Station Sculpture Building from 9 a.m. - noon. These are free campus wide events and all public are welcome.

The act of creating is an attempt to understand connections. They can be between the conscious and the unconscious, personal and public, intellectual and emotional, or almost anything, perceived or not perceived.

There is also the relationship between idea and concept, mind and body, body and tool, tool and technique upon medium and project to place, which are constantly layered over the reasons for creating within the process of doing.

Artists work through these connections to give themselves and the world glimpses of possibilities as to how things fit into our world.

For me that process is important. Having a plan that allows for discoveries to be made and acted on along the way that will enlighten and enliven the result is one of the reasons I find great joy in my work. It is also a tool to keep me present within the process. I believe creation happens only in the present. The past and future are only tools to help us fully focus on the here and now."