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Grant Application


Department of Art


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Project Period

FY 2013-2014

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs/ Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

Six exhibitions are presented each year by the Department of Art in the Lord hall Gallery. These exhibitions include work by students and faculty as well as a range of nationally known established artists. The knowledge, abilities and work of these individuals have significantly broadened the academic and cultural experience of both the University and the surrounding communities. With the generous support of the Cultural Affairs Committee as well as the Department of Art, the series has been able to gain support and recognition for the quality and diversity of the artists and scholars it presents,

This coming Fall 2014, Lord Gallery is honored to host an exhibition of work by respected Maine artist Dudley Zopp.Zopp, an internationally exhibited artist, educated in both art and languages at the University of Louisville, Kentucky explores geologic events through her installations which combine painting and sculpture into immersive environments that address both environmental and philosophical issues. Zopp's work has been chosen by the Portland Museum of Art 2011 Biennial, and has received the Maine Arts Commission's Individual Artist Fellowship.