Document Type

Grant Application


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Project Period

FY 2013-2014

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs/ Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

The New Media Department and Intermedia MFA Program are requesting funds to help support a spring lecture series. The following visiting researchers and artists will share their expertise in the following areas: an evening lecture with a question and answer period to follow, classroom visits, direct one-on-one student meetings and/or critiques and performances or other public presentations. The following artists have been selected because of the quality and engaging nature of their work. The artists' desire to interact with the students in a learning environment and to engender excitement about the arts on campus was another qualiffing factor in their selection. The spring Intermedia Lecture Series has many benefits to the University of Maine and the local community. Some academic programs that will directly benefit from the lecture series include: Anthropology, Philosophy, Science, Music, Theater, English, Film Studies, Sculpture, Art and Performing Art. The contributions of the Visiting Artist Series include, but are not limited to, exposure to distinguished and contemporary artists, educationally beneficial engagement opportunities, and interaction with professionals from a variety of ethnic, cultural and critical backgrounds.