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Grant Application

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Alexander Volpov Guest Artist Recital


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Project Period

FY 2013-2014

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Cultural Affairs/ Distinguished Lecture Series

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Summary of program requiring funding (title; featured artist(s); speaker(s); scheduled date(s): DAIE: January 18, 2014 - GUEST ARTIST RECITAL - All-Russian Program including a Performance of Rachmaninov: Sonata for Cello and Piano, along with shorter works from the Romantic and Contemporary Russian repertoire.

The School of Performing Arts has invited renowned Russian cellist Alexander Volpov to perform a recital in which he will be accompanied by Dr. Phillip Silver. Some biographical information on this performer appears below:

Alexander Lvovich Volpov was born in Sverdlosk, Russia. He commenced his education at the Sverdlosk School for Musically Gifted Children in 1957. From there he continued at the Rachmaninov Conservatory in Rostov-on-Don, where he was a student of the renowned cellist, Jacob Slobodkin. Upon graduation he taught cello at the Conservatory from 1975 until 1991. Alexander was a member of the Rostov String Quartet which was the First Prize recipient in the Borodin All Union Competition. In 1991 the members of the quartet, while performing in the United Kingdom, decided not to return to Russia but to remain in the West.