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Grant Application

Project/Presentation Title

2013-2014 Philosophy Colloquium


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Project Period

FY 2013-2014

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs/ Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

The Department of Philosophy is applying for funding from the Cultural Affairs Distinguished Lecture Series for its 2013-2014 Colloquium Series. This series of public presentations will provide opportunities for students, faculty, and community members, both within and outside the Department of Philosophy, to hear and discuss stimulating lectures on a wide range of topics. Each lecture program includes considerable time for questions and discussion. Several of the scholars are willing to spend more time at UMaine interacting with students and others in addition to their colloquium program. Speakers include Professor Fred Dallmayr, one of the outstanding philosophers in the world, as well as several other scholars of highest international and national status and several outstanding Maine philosophers. The topics reflect our department's commitment to diversity and to raising philosophical issues of the greatest relevance for members of our university community, Maine citizens, and the contemporary world. Topics relate to the core themes of our department's curriculum as well as contemporary issues of ethical, political, social, and philosophical significance.