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Grant Application

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Print Portfolios


Department of Art


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Project Period

FY 2012-2013

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs/ Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

Six exhibitions are presented each year by the Department of Art in the Lord Hall Gallery. These exhibitions include work by students and faculty as well as a range of nationally known and exhibited artists. This coming spring semester, the Lord Hall Gallery will house an exhibition of print-based imagery created by artists from across the country. Coming to the gallery in the form of two portfolio collections, individual pieces have been selected in order to represent diverse approaches to conceptualizing and creating print-based works as well as the nature of distinct media forms.

Unlike exhibitions where the work comes from a single artist or small collection of artists, this exhibition is comprised of work from more than 30 different individuals whose imagery was included in one or both of the two portfolio projects. The first of these portfolios, Navigatíng Current Metaphors, was organized by Susan Camp (Adjunct, University of Maine) and Kris Sader (Alum, University of Maine). Artists were invited to consider how our "ability to understand, locate, visualize and produce imagery is ...a product of understanding our world through current metaphor" and create work that addresses how such metaphors situate artistic practice. The second portfolio, 50 Places, organized by Melanie Yazzie (University of Colorado, Boulder), includes work by fifty printmakers who were each asked to develop and create a print edition that explores one of the fifty US states. In both cases, images were collated into portfolios or collections that include the work of all artists involved in the individual project. Due to the limitations of space, ws are unable to include all images from both portfolios in this exhibition and have selected 35 pieces to be framed and displayed, including the work of several local artists.


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