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Grant Application

Project/Presentation Title

The New Writing Series, Spring 2012


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Project Period

FY 2011- 2012

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs/ Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

New Writing Series programming has always been guided the principles of innovation, collaboration, interdisciplinary, and diversity. From the start we have also worked hard to maximize the impact of real-time events within the rapidly-changing new media context. For example, the NWS blog has received more than 55,500 page views since its creation in fall2006 (up from 38,000 this time last year). Our Facebook group, created in the fall of 2007, has more than 140 members and reaches many more people with event and Series information. The Flickr page on which we document events has received roughly 44,700 views to date. And we have been making NWS content (sound and video files) available both through our blog and through UMaine's iTunes U since April of 2003. (A list of the URLs for these projects is appended to this application.) The real time event in front of a live audience remains our Series' anchor point, but using the web to extend brief visits into lasting on-line presences is an effective way of maximizing the return on the investment it takes to bring people to campus.