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Grant Application


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Project Period

FY 2011-2012

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs/ Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

For the past fourteen years the University of Maine and University of New Brunswick have hosted a collaborative graduate student conference to showcase the scholarship of emerging graduate students in the fields of history and Canadian-American studies. The conference is hosted biannually by the University of Maine History Department, and organized by the History Graduate Student Association (HGSA). The next conference will be at the University of Mainet. on October 12th-14th,2012. Out conference theme for this year is "On the Margins," and will include such areas as gender history, public history, and North American borderlands history. We have formed an organizing committee to fund-raise and coordinate this important Canadian-American event. Dr. Gail Campbell, Professor of History at the University of New Brunswick, has graciously agreed to deliver our keynote address on October 12. Our conference will be a showcase event for the Canadian-American Center, the History Department, and the University of Maine. This student-run event will attract a wide range of graduate students and faculty from around the university, as well as researchers and scholars from around the United States and Canada.In addition, we have arranged a private Directors Tour" of the Page Farm and Home Museum on campus for the Saturday afternoon of the conference to highlight this excellent resource. As part of our strategy to attract more participants, we have voted to institute a prize for best conference paper.