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Grant Application

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Film & Discussion with Mary McDonagh Murphy


English Department


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FY 2010 - 2011

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Cultural Affairs/ Distinguished Lecture Series

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Mary McDonagh Murphy is an independent film and television writer/producer, A producer at CBS News for 20 years, she won six Emmy awards and has also written for Newsweek, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Post and Publishers Weekly She has also written Scout, Atticus and Boo: Fifty Years o/To Kill a Mockingbird, a book which includes much of the information and the interviews in the documentary, Murphy produced Cryfor Help, a PBS program on mental illness and suicide in adolescents which aired nationally in April, 2009 . Digital Days, which is narrated by Tom Brokaw, examines the Internet's impact on the newspaper industry. The CBS prime time documentary Don't Take My Daddy, chronicled the deportation fight over three former members of the Irish Republican Army. She also produces book and author videos including the widely released Diary of a Wimpy Kid.