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Grant Application

Project/Presentation Title

Maine Archaeology Month Lecture


Hudson Museum


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Project Period

FY 2010 -2011

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs and Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

The Hudson Museum seeks support from the Cultural Affairs Committee for a public lecture by Karen Olsen Bruhns one of the leading authorities on Precolumbian fakes from Mesoamerica and the Andes. The lecture will be held in October during Maine Archaeology Month, a month established in 2000 to present archaeological research to the public through scholarly lectures, exhibits and tours of archaeological sites. Karen Bruhns' visit to UMaine will also provide opportunities for her to interact with students in Anthropology, History and Climate Change, and with the Hudson Museum's collections, which includes an internationally significant collection of Precolumbian artifacts donated to the University by William P. Palmer III. It is our expectation that Bruhns will provide very interesting insights on the authenticity of some of the objects in the Hudson's collection and as an educational institution her analysis will inform future exhibitions of our Precolumbian holdings, as well as provide our audiences with accurate information on pieces.