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Grant Application


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Project Period

FY 2009-2010

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs and Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

Intermedia, is the seventh iteration of the annual exhibition and festival, Without Borders Contemporary Arts Festival. The exhibition will take place in the Lord Hall Galleries from August through September of 2010. Presenting the work of UMaine Intermedia MFA graduate students as well as collaborating artists from around the country, this series highlights a wide range of work focused on exploring the spaces between culture, art, science, and technology. The festival will focus on artistic forms that utilize technology and analog materials and processes in either production or presentation of the work. It will include a main exhibition centered around a variety of digital forms, installation sculptures, photos, prints, and various conceptual forms that are produced through collaborative processes, as well as performances, live music and video screenings, all of which serve to create a daily fertile exchange of creative ideas and artistic explorations. This year we will extend the festival by inviting some of the artists to come to campus to do lectures, workshops and/or critiques in the first part of the Fall Semester.