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Grant Application

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2010 International Dance Festival


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Project Period

FY 2009- 2010

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs and Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

The first International Dance Festival was held in 2005 at Minsky Hall and was sponsored by the Office of International Programs, Multicultural Programs, Student Heritage Alliance Center and the intemational student groups across campus. The event brought all the international organizations together and created a base to share and work with each other collaboratively. The success of this event inspired the student groups involved to make this celebration of cultural diversity an annual event and to expand on the quality and depth of participation. Since then Dance Festival performers danced each year to a packed house (1200 audience in aprox.) at the Maine Center for the Arts, at Peakes Auditorium in Bangor High School and last year at the newly renovated Collins Center for the Arts.